Inspirational short stories

I will post here stories that I’ve read that I wish I’d written.

Not a short story in the classic sense of the word but I loved this novella by Alex Garland- Coma.  Surreal, confusing and hard to put down.


The greatest horror writer of all time-Stephen King.  It’s hard to pick just one short story so no doubt I will post more.  But for now here is ‘The Road Virus Heads North’.  Just awesome.


Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’- chilling and compelling.

the lottery

Roal Dahl’s ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’.  The man was a genius. End of.


John Cheever’s ‘The Swimmer’.  Brilliant concept. Deep.  Dark.


The one and only Philip K Dick’s ‘The Eyes Have It’.  Sci-fi with a touch of paranoid humour.

The eyes have it

Tobias Wolf’s: The Night in Question.  Awesome story.,%20Bullet%20in%20the%20Brain.pdf


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