Editing services

As a writer and Assistant Editor to Horrorscribes I would like to help other fellow writers, in particular those whose native tongue isn’t English.

Here’s why you should consider me:

  • I learnt English when I was nine years old when I emigrated from Italy.  I know what it feels like to use the wrong word and for people to stare blankly at you as a result.
  • I taught English abroad for eight months and have a TEFL certificate also
  • I am a writer
  • I am an editor
  • I am meticulous and accurate
  • I will stick to YOUR deadline

So why not give me a try?  I offer sample edits of your first page for FREE!

My rates

<10,000 words= 0.003 per word

10,00-40,000 words = 0.005 per word

40,000-90,000  words = 0.007 per word

Contact me to discuss your requirements or the prices quoted above or alternatively you can find me on Fiverr



2 thoughts on “Editing services

  1. Miriam made miracles on my book!
    And no, it is not just words, I’m a Russian writer and my English is a disaster, really. I translated my book within my abilities, but what she did with it is above my words of gratitude. She corrected my grammar, suggested the rewritten versions of my bad lines and literally made my book readable!
    She was professional and very accurate!
    I would always recommend her as an editor.

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