NCFF reviews

“A thrilling journey into the machinations of pharmaceutical companies and the deals who would peddle their experimental products, Miriam’s debut novel takes you from humor to excitement quite deftly, illustrating the extent of her considerable talent.” David, Amazon reader, 5/5 stars.  Read the full review on Amazon.

I really enjoyed this novel by Miriam Averna! I was loving it from page one and eager to keep reading right to the end. I love a book that holds my interest like that and let’s me escape the humdrum of everyday life…” Maxine (Booklover Catlady), 5/5 stars.  Read the full review on Goodreads.

“Something new and exciting, highly recommended!” Aljamca, Amazon reader, 5/5 stars.

“Great writing style that kept me glued to the pages until the early morning hours. I love the book cover!!!!” Natasha, Amazon reader, 4/5 stars

“No Cure for Fear is thrilling, exhilarating and an absolute adventure for the mind. 4/5 stars!Swati Hedgde, beta reader.

”No Cure for Fear is one of the most thrilling stories I have ever read.  The characters are compelling and the suspense of the mystery kept me going.  The story was beautifully woven.  It certainly got me hooked!”  Tanya Heeralal, beta reader, 4/5 stars.

”No Cure For Fear is a thrilling ride between taking care of your family and doing what is right” Silvia, beta reader, 4/5 stars.