Mystery Thriller Week #BlogTour – Miriam A. Averna for @MTW_2017

Christina Philippou

I am very pleased to be hosting the next leg og the Mystery Thriller Week blog tour. Today, I have author Miriam A. Averna with a guest post, the author of No Cure for Fear, a gritty, medical thriller that asks the question: can anyone be truly altruistic?

me-newNo Cure For Fear

Eddy Miller, a local graffiti artist and cocaine dealer, has only one goal – to save enough money for his terminally ill sister’s care. When a blast from his past, Ralph, makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he ignores his gut feeling and takes on a dubious medical trial. This, in exchange for a chance to keep all the profits from the sale of a synthetic type of cocaine. But when things start going wrong, will Eddy care enough to put a stop to the trial? And what really lies behind the secretive medical firm producing these drugs?


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