#BlogTour for Mystery Thriller Week with #author Robbie Cheadle #MTW

As part of the Mystery Thriller Week event I have Robbie and Michael Cheadle for some Questions and Answers.

Tell me a bit about Michael and yourself?
I live with my husband and my two sons in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a chartered accountant and I work full time as a senior member of my company’s Capital Markets team. I spend my days giving advice on the application of listings requirements, mainly in respect of the JSE Limited (Johannesburg Stock Exchange) but I also have a working knowledge of the listings requirements for a number of other stock exchanges, including the London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange and Australian Stock Exchange. I also have a solid knowledge of Takeover Law and other regulations relating to the healthy working of financial markets. I enjoy writing and have written a number of non-fiction publications on foreign direct investment into Africa and other developing economies and the equities and debt markets in Africa.
Michael is turning eleven years old shortly and attends primary school in Johannesburg. Michael suffers from chronic asthma and sinusitis and, unfortunately, has a very low immunity so he gets sick a lot. We only found out about the low immunity recently, apparently, some children are born like that. Michael has a very active imagination and thinks of lovely ideas for stories and artistic creations but he finds writing difficult. The writing of the Sir Chocolate books came about as part of my attempt to encourage Michael to write down his lovely ideas and thoughts. Michael and I are co-authors of the Sir Chocolate books as the initial concept was his and many of the ideas included in the books originated from Michael. I re-wrote the books in rhyming verse because I loved poetry and I loved the idea.
Gregory is turning fourteen and has just started high school in Johannesburg. Greg is a great reader and was one of four boys who represented South Africa in the Kids Literature Quiz that took place in New Zealand in August last year. Greg does media and IT studies at school and he has been a great help to me with filming and editing the baking videos for the Sir Chocolate book series. Greg also gave, and continues to give, me excellent advice – he actually told me what a blog was!

What are the Sir Chocolate books about?
The Sir Chocolate books are about a little character made from fondant called Sir Chocolate and his lady friend, Lady Sweet. They live in Chocolate land where you can eat everything even the houses, flowers and trees. Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet have a number of adventures finding ingredients for their confectionary shop, Sir Chocolate’s Chocolatier, and helping their friends and neighbours resolve various problems that arise. There are twelve books in the Sir Chocolate books series, two have already been published and the third is due to be published in March 2017. Each book is a story and cookbook and includes five simple recipes that children can bake under adult supervision. All of the illustrations in the book are made by me from fondant, biscuits and cake. Michael also makes creatures from fondant and each book includes one of his creations.


Sir Chocolate on bonfire night          

Who are the characters in the Sir Chocolate books?
Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet are the main characters. They have a number of friends including the Fruit drop Fairies, the vanilla fudge bird and Tay-Tay Ginger-biscuit. There are also a few scaries, in particular, the family of trolls headed by Sinkpot, a greedy snail, Professor Smartie and the Cookie Monsters.
Ma Troll, wife to Stinkpot, who appears in Book 4: Sir Chocolate and the condensed milk river story and cookbook (forthcoming).


Purchase the Sir Chocolate books
https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sir-Chocolate-Baby-Cookie-Monster/dp/1911070290/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1483862285&sr=1-3&keywords=Robbie+Cheadle; and
http://www.lulu.com/shop/robbie-cheadle-and-michael-cheadle/sir-chocolate-and-the-strawberry-cream-berries/paperback/product-22795575.html ; OR
http://www.lulu.com/shop/robbie-cheadle-and-michael-cheadle/sir-chocolate-and-the-baby-cookie-monster/paperback/product-22902245.html; OR
TSL Publications (http://tslbooks.uk/authors/robbie-and-michael-cheadle/).

You can buy them in South Africa directly from the authors by emailing Robbie Cheadle at sirchoc@outlook.com.


3 thoughts on “#BlogTour for Mystery Thriller Week with #author Robbie Cheadle #MTW

  1. Miriam, Thanks so much for featuring Robbie and Michael on your blog. The cute fondant characters from the books are so amazing! We are loving the MTW event and learning so much about all the wonderful authors!

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