Marketing adventures of the indie kind

Miriam A. Averna

Towards the end of last year I blogged about my marketing and self-promotion activities. I had modest hopes for my first ever Kindle countdown deal and had taken the plunge and invested in some paid promotion with Books Go Social.

Well, I know you are all gagging to find out how I got on and I’m sad to report that I sold a total of three, that’s right, three units during those 6 days when my book was a mere 0.99£$.  Underwhelming doesn’t even cut it.

And the paid promotion?  They tweeted lots, every day from eight different accounts.  And yes they have tons of followers but other than a handful of retweets they had no impact on my sales.

The only thing that happened, and that I hadn’t really pushed until now, was my Kindle Unlimited and KOL ‘pages read’ stats kicked in. When I say kicked in, I mean three people read a number of pages.  Still it’s better than nothing and ‘FREE on Kindle Unlimited’ is easier to plug than ‘ONLY £$0.99’, especially in January and when I am an unknown author.

That being said, my stats before the Kindle countdown deal were as follows:

Overall kindle rank: 462,538

Medical Thriller rank: 357

As at 10th January (three days after the end of the promo) they were as follows:

Overall kindle rank: 128,844

Medical Thriller rank: 150

So was this because I’d started to tweet about Kindle Unlimited?  Who knows but I will continue to do so me thinks.

With regards to Goodreads , I ran another giveaway about 10 days after my first one but ran it for one week instead of three and the difference in people who entered is minimal, showing that there is little use in running it for more than one week.

3 week giveaway entries= 1089

1 week giveaway entries= 852

So in theory, almost 2000 people have now seen my book and a total of 586 have added it to their ‘To Read’ list. I am happy with that and will run another Giveaway in a couple of months.

More exciting stuff happening for me: numerous author slots on book launches, more Twitter followers, a blog tour for the Murder Thriller Week, Author interview on Vicki Batman’s blog and getting a date for some reader reviews thanks to having joined a great author and reader group on Facebook.

Oh and my short story -The Genesis- has been published!

Woo hoo!


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