What now for the indie author?

My self-promotion and marketing adventures continue!

On 2nd January 2017, my first Kindle countdown deal will commence and will run for six days.

No Cure for Fear will be listed for £.99 and $.99 simultaneously, so a reduction of more than 60%.

Thanks to being signed up to Kindle Select (which offers exclusivity of my book on Amazon) I hope to increase exposure and sales.  It will be an interesting exercise to see how well these countdown deals do.

But just doing this isn’t enough.

So, what is?

Well, I had an epiphany over the holidays.  Being an indie author is like starting a sole trading business. You begin with no customers, spending money and not really making any.  You put yourself out there, you advertise, discount things or give stuff away.  And this is exactly what I’ve done/been doing.

  • Goodreads giveaway. Free to do and the only cost is a copy of your book.  But here is where this is amazing.  Nearly every person who enters your giveaway will automatically have YOUR book added to their shelf.  Even if they don’t win, they will see your book, read the blurb and maybe in the future decide to buy it.  I will therefore be running another one of these as soon as I can in 2017.  The best way to do it is to run it for one week, that way your book will appear in the ‘New’ and ‘Ending Soon’ list!
  • Take part in as many online book launches and genre events as possible. Since the release of No Cure for Fear, I have taken part in one book launch where I gave away one e-book and there is another coming up in January.  This is all exposure.  I am also taking part in the Mystery Thriller Week 2017 event and making the most of it by connecting with fellow authors.  Currently I am coordinating a ‘chain letter’ style blog tour.  This will be a learning experience but I hope that if enough authors get involved the hashtag mysterythrillerweek will storm the internet.  Plus, we all get to actively participate in one another’s blogs.
  • Help others out. Offer to beta, proofread, critique, read and review someone else’s work.  Being an author means helping others out, especially if they are new to the whole thing.  It is scary, so why not help a fellow author out?
  • Get your Kindle countdown listed on free sites. I have contacted a number of them including BookZIO, The Book Scream, OHFB, New Free Kindle Books and Korner Konnection. Whether they will actually list my book waits to be seen.  Please note I actually submitted to probably a few more than this but I stupidly didn’t keep a full record of it.  In addition, I will post the link to the countdown deal on various Facebook groups but as these seems to mostly contain books with torsos on the cover, I really don’t expect much response from them.
  • Pay for promotion. Okay, so I debated whether this was a little premature but in the end I took a punt on Books Go Social.  For $49 they will run a two-week campaign for me, tweeting etc to coincide with the Kindle promotion.  They offer a money back guarantee so I figured, hey why not?  I’ll report back and let you know if it was worth it.


Exciting book promotion times ahead which will undoubtedly involve me carefully (as in every hour) monitoring my Amazon kindle rankings (currently #462,538 overall, #357 in Medical Thrillers) and total sales.

Until the next time indie authors, happy new year!




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