Last Christmas

I actually wrote this last Christmas and forgot!  At Horror Scribes we’re running a RedXMAS themed comp, so here is my flash fiction contribution!


I used to love our Christmases together.  Back when you didn’t need to be the centre of attention all the time.  But then you changed, your ugly narcissism grew.

It wasn’t even about being with friends and family anymore.  The sound of your own voice wasn’t enough, you had to control the fun by making everyone play those bloody after dinner games.  Incessantly.  Until you won.

This year though, I’m in charge and we’re doing Christmas my way.  It’s just you and me honey playing my games.

Whilst you sit there tied and blindfolded, jiggling with anticipation, I can already picture your entrails adorning the tree like tinsel.  I shudder with delight at the thought.

‘Open wide honey!’

‘What game are we playing?’ you ask,  an edge of doubt in your voice.

‘It’s Christmas Russian roulette!’ I effuse.

‘Oh exciting!’ you say opening your mouth.

I pop a small bauble in and watch as your curiosity turns to pained terror the moment you bite down on the glass decoration.  You squeal in agony as blood seeps from your tongue and gums.  Euphoria washes over me.  Before you have chance to spit out the glass, I grab your head and force another bauble into your stupid face, forcing your jaw to bite down again.  Ripples of pleasure wash over me as my hands stifle your screams.

It amuses me how you try and struggle against the tinsel ties, only for them to slice more easily through your wrists.

‘See honey, I told you I’d use the cheese board you gave me last year!’ I beam.   ‘And the cheese wire works a treat, I’m sure you’ll agree.’

You’ve suddenly become pale but the next game I’m certain will liven you up.

    ‘I think we’re ready for ‘I spy’ now, what do we think?’ I say removing your blindfold.


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