A Circle of Hell

As some of you may know I, together with a colleague, look after Horror Scribes and we recently ran a Dante’s Inferno themed flash fiction competition.  I decided it was only fair that I challenge myself and write a 140 word story on Greed.  So below is my piece.  Enjoy!



Being a twin is a curse and a blessing.

It began when we were babies. Malnourishment and deficiencies for me, healthy glowing skin for you.  I remember you taking my food. Our parents don’t, but I do.

Toys that weren’t yours. Taken.  Always returned broken, if at all.

When we were teens, it was my clothes; ‘borrowed’ never to be seen again. Conceited and vain, you laughed at how much better they looked on you than on me.

Later, your boyfriend wasn’t enough so you had to take my husband. You took and took, destroying the life you couldn’t have. Unrelenting and unabashed.  Your greed insatiable, it grew like the cancer inside you.

Now you need my kidney. I’m the only match, the doctors said.  Oh how the tables have turned.

Your selfishness ends where mine begins.


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