The World of Writing

So January was exciting! My novel word count is dangerously close to reaching 50k and aside from the many (and I mean many) crises about not reaching the ideal word count of 70k as per industry standard, yadda, yaddda, I have come to the realisation that:

  1. I am publishing an e-book so it doesn’t necessarily matter that it doesn’t reach the so revered magical number of 70,000 as e-books are all about %’s not words.
  2. This is my book, my journey and I can do what I want with it.
  3. Many famous books are short, it doesn’t make them any less great or less enjoyable for it (see: )

All of the above has boosted my confidence in that respect.  But being a writer, it doesn’t mean that the stupidest of things, like reading the back of a cornflake packet, can’t install fear in my abilities, leading me to the conclusion that I can’t even describe a grain that well, let alone a character or a scene.  Those are the woes and tribulations of a writer and after all I chose this, no-one else made me.  I only have myself to blame… oh there I go again!

I want to end this on a super positive note.  I have been short (or is it long) listed for the Twisted50 project (more on this initiative next time), two of my stories have made it through the initial sift.  Fingers crossed they will make the final cut.  To say that the competition is strong is an understatement.  I’ll keep you posted.

And finally, last week I managed to find a cover for my novel (when I eventually finish it).  Watch this space for the final piece.  I am very excited!

Ta-ra for now.


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